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Get Started on Roomize

1)Why is Roomize free? Roomize is an evolving start up whose business model is developing around new ideas. The subscription to the platform is free of charge.

2)Who can join Roomize? Roomize can be accessed by anyone who works in the hospitality industry. People in charge of accommodations who want to swap their rooms and hospitality employees who want to socialize with colleagues all over the world are allowed.

3) How can Roomize be joined? Sign in and create your account filling all the required information. Then activate it by clicking on the confirmation link in the email you will receive.

4) How do I build my professional network? To add contacts to your professional network search for them through the "Latest Subscribers" or the search bar. Remember that not everybody can be contacted due to the privacy settings chosen.

Room Swap function

5) What the Room Swap is? The Room Swap is the function that allows you to stay at a colleague's hotel and host him/her at yours in return. The Swap is one-to-one and for a personal use but you can decide who will take advantage of the benefit (your relatives, friends or employees), swap at the same time or at different times and with different categories of accommodation.

6) Who can access the Hotel Room Swap function? Every hospitality professional with decision-making power over the rooms for example: CEO, Owner, Co-Owner, President, Vice-president, General Manager, Operations Manager, Director of Operations, Managing Director.

7) What categories of accommodation can access the Swap function? Hotels in all categories, Boutique Hotels, Resorts, Holiday Farms, B&Bs, Guesthouses, Lodges, Motels, Hostels, Residences can access. Privately-owned holiday homes are not allowed.

8) Can a swap proposal be rejected? Yes, it can. All Roomize members who can access Room Swap function are free to decide whether to accept or reject a proposal.

9) Who guarantees that my Room Swap will be successful? The swap success only depends on the level of hospitality offered and on the two members' ability to exactly agree on the details of the stay. Roomize does not guarantee a successful experience.

Manage your Account

10) What is a validated account? What kinds of accounts get validated? If you are allowed to access the Room Swap function, Roomize will have to validate your account before you can use the website.

11)Why has my account not been validated? Only Room Swap function accounts could be not verified. This may depend on these reasons: the person registered is not a hospitality professional with decision-making power over the rooms and/or the hotel you want to register is not among the allowed categories (see FaQ question "What categories of accommodation can access the Swap function?") and/or the information provided isn’t considered true. If you do not agree with your account verification outcome, you can contact the Roomize Team at:

12) Will I receive Contact Requests by all Roomize members? Yes but you can customize your privacy settings through the Settings page. As a plus, if you are allowed to access the Room Swap function you can enable the contact requests only from users allowed to swap their rooms.

13) Why uploading photos of my structure is recommended? Adding photos of your structure is a good way to give your hotel the best visibility. We will help you if you need it: just join Roomize, email your images to and we'll lend a helping hand to upload them.

14)What happens if I am not the person in charge of the registered hotel anymore? If you stop working for the registered structure just delete all the information of the hotel, that way you will be able to register a new one which you are in charge of.

15) Can I leave a review about my swap experiences? Of course. You can leave a review to let other members know how the room swap experience was faced in terms of quality and hospitality level received. The review is useful to enhance both room swap partners credibility. Meantime you can consult the other hotels pages to gather information about the swap experiences.

16) How do I change my personal information? And my password? You can change your personal info and your password at any time from the Settings section. If you don't remember your password, you can recover it by clicking on the Forgot password link on the Sign in page.

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